Henry's Honey


Henry's Honey

 Exclusively at Ebb & Flow!


Quart........ $20.00

 Pint.......... $12.00

1/2 pint..... $6.00



Raw Local Honey

from Pawleys Island SC



Colony Collapse Disorder:

 A grove thrives on the banks of the Waccamaw River






Culberson is a self-styled carpenter, gardener, surfer and boat builder who has transformed a wooded tract of land on the Waccamaw River into something resembling a jungle paradise.


The buzzing drone of a thousand bees swarming a hive often causes stiffened backs and clenched jaws. For those severely allergic to honeybees, it can be a deafening sound, both frightening and dreaded. But the thought of never hearing this in nature again is far more chilling. Sadly, that possibility is more real than ever before. Honeybees in America are becoming extinct.

Citrus State of Mind:



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